16:00 - 17:00

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Title:Seminar by Lei Zhang: Wavefront Sets and Generic L-parckets

Venue: Lecture Hall

SpeakerLei Zhang 张磊(National University of Singapore

Abstract. In this talk, we introduce a notion of arithmetic wavefront sets for admissible representations of classical groups over local fields of characteristic 0. Conjecturally, via local Langlands correspondence, this arithmetic wavefronts coincide with the classical wavefront sets in sense of Harish-Chandra characters. Hence this conjecture proposes an algorithm to explicate the wavefront sets of representations in generic L-packets, by computing local symplectic root numbers. In particular, we verify the analogue conjectures over finite fields. This is a joint project with Dihua Jiang (The University of Minnesota), Dongwen Liu (Zhejiang University), Zhicheng Wang (Soochow University).

Profile. 张磊,本科毕业于北京大学,于在美国明尼苏达大学取得博士学位,之后在波士顿学院从事博士后研究工作,随后于2014入职于新加坡国立大学。张磊主要研究领域包括表示论,自守型和Langlands纲领等问题的研究。


Lecture Seminar