Alumnus Hong Gang Donates to Zhejiang University Education Foundation (ZJUEF) ZJUEF Development Fund of Institution for Advanced Study in Mathematics Established


On May 20, Hong Gang, the chairman of Shanghai Seeking Investment Management Co. Ltd. and alumnus of Zhejiang University, made a donation to Zhejiang University Education Foundation (ZJUEF). A donation agreement was signed to support the Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (IASM) in a concerted effort to build Zhejiang University into a world-class university. On the same day, Development Fund of Institution for Advanced Study in Mathematics, under the framework of ZJUEF, was officially established.

Wu Zhaohui, the president of Zhejiang University, Luo Weidong, the vice president, and Li Jianshu, the director of IASM and member of Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the event.


Wu Zhaohui said that basic disciplines of mathematics, physics, chemistry and geology, and basic research in those fields were the key to standing out in the new round of scientific and technological reform, industrial innovation, and education revolution. It is hoped that IASM will leverage this opportunity to accelerate its pace towards a world-leading innovation center of mathematical study.


Hong Gang said that Seeking Investment was an alumni-based enterprise with an original aspiration to enhance the bond and promote the heritage of Zhejiang University. He hopes to make more contributions to the alma mater and the nation.


Hong Gang, an excellent alumnus (Class 1982) of the Department of Thermophysics, Zhejiang University and the chairman of Greatview Aseptic Packaging Company Limited, has been engaged in various public welfare undertakings initiated by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation for more than 20 years. He took the lead in establishing Seeking Investment, an alumni-based enterprise that provides financial and technical support for poor areas, individuals and enterprises with alumni resources. Seeking Investment and him have shown their social responsibility for public welfare with practical actions.